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Gary Brown, CPA, in Georgetown, Texas, knowingly cheated me out of my tax return.He met with me for 1 hour as a consultation to fraud me into hiring him, claiming my return would yield approximately $3,000.

I have not used a CPA and went to him on reccomendation. There is no way he could not have know my return would actually be $360, not the $3,000 he estimated. When I confronted him, he only demanded the $350 payment for his services and threatened to file criminal charges for theft of services. He is a schister and a cheat.

Very unethical and after I have completed my internet onslaught of complaints and letters to his certifcation board regarding the Consumer Protection Act, he will wish he'd just given me the $350 back.I could've gotten better results with Turbo Tax online, I reccomend all of you do the same.

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We agree he is a nut job and complete loser.Went to him for first time last year.

Had audacity to ask a lot of questions and told us we couldn't file right away since several forms were not finalized by IRS.

Then after reviewing our prior returns, he mentioned that several deductions were omitted for our business and Schedule A so he offered to revise at no cost to us and got us back more than his projected fee for 2012. Also forced us to do extension for first time in our lives and mentioned we would owe additional taxes with interest. Didn't pay anything with the extension even though he suggested doing so.

Then when he filed, he told us the IRS would waive all penalties but interest for not paying since we had some of the delayed forms.Really got mad when IRS sent letter for the penalties and then sent one showing all were waived per letter he sent.

He is such a nut job and loser per our experience that we have told everyone we know to switch to him and can not say enough good about him.


Gary, perception is reality.It's time you do some clean up.

Make the wrongs right and you might be able to recover from this.

It will eat inside of you for a very long time if you don't.If you really do business like this, then good luck being in business at all.


Based on Roxie's defamatory and slanderous comments, I would expect Mr.Brown to file a lawsuit for same.

If Roxie truly believes her own comments, she could attempt to file criminal and civil charges against Mr. Brown.

My guess is if Mr.Brown files suit against Roxie this will be a very expensive learning lesson for her and she will understand that the joy she experienced when writing the comments will pale in comparison to the pain she will experience when she has to write a rather large check to settle the lawsuit.

to Bill Austin, Texas, United States #621108

Having dealth with Gary I completely believe Roxy's claims. I used Gary Brown for far too long. The guy is a complete loser. His tax prep process is like a black hole. You give him all your information and documents in early Febuary and you are left waiting every single year until the DAY BEFORE April 15 before you get your return for him to review.

There are often lots of mistakes to deal with and NO time to correct them. He never returns emails or voicemails until April 14th no matter how many times you try and contact him...even on questions directly related to the Tax prep.

The guy is a complete liability and a nut job to boot!

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